Welcome to the vision

The Steger Center vision was born during the Antarctica Expedition as a detailed drawing of the five story center designed to develop and connect leaders. The dream is to build a center that in turn nurtures the community, takes care of the earth and inspires leaders to tackle real world problems. With community spaces, master classes and international leadership conferences – the Steger Center has a vision to build a sustainable community in the NorthWoods to inspire future generations of leaders.

A Mission for Leaders

Camp David of the North

The wilderness unique setting and inspiring surroundings are designed to help leaders think, connect and share!

Leadership Programs

The Leaders Center offers a one-of-a-kind setting to bring leaders together and and share ideas with a worldwide live-stream audience.

Sustainable Community Culture

The events at the Steger Center are here to help build a better world, inspire bigger and better ideas and to help keep the world a healthy place for all living things.

Will Steger Legacy

Documentary Film

After Antarctica is a feature-length documentary that follows polar explorer Will Steger’s life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes in the polar regions of our planet.


Contact us to inquire about having Will Steger speak at your next live or virtual event.

Homestead Cookbook

The Steger Homestead Kitchen is an inspiring and down-to-earth collection of meals and memories gathered in Northern Minnesota.

Homestead School Cabin Building A - Z

Homestead School’s pilot course is an all-women’s course, focused on teaching the basics of building an off-grid cabin, from foundation to roof. This is a course, taught by and for women, in an inclusive, creative setting.


Leadership Development Program

Will Steger and Jeff Appelquist are piloting an exciting new leadership development program based upon the indelible and hard-won lessons that Will took away from his epic polar expeditions.

  • Wilderness ignites a sense of power and forges tenacious resolve to harness that power for the good of all.

    Will Steger

  • Community working together in the wilderness unleashes new possibilities.

    Will Steger

Recent News

Minnesota icon, explorer Will Steger, is featured in “After Antarctica.”
“After Antarctica,” is a documentary on Will Steger’s expedition in 1989-90
A documentary about the explorer, Will Steger, and his trip to Antarctica, which will never happen again due to climate change,