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2021 Programs

The Steger Center offers programs as unique as the center itself. From homestead schools, to master craftsman skills training, the programs here build self-reliance and the quality skills needed to to quality work.

Leadership Development Program

Will Steger and Jeff Appelquist are piloting an exciting new leadership development program based upon the indelible and hard-won lessons that Will took away from his epic polar expeditions.

• When: More information soon!
• Where: Steger Center, Ely, MN


Summer Homestead School Cabin Building A - Z

A course taught by and for women, in an inclusive, creative setting.

• When: July 25th – August 7th, 2021
• Where: Steger Center, Ely, MN


Summit Academy Program Skills Development

For two weeks the inner city students from Summit Academy will learn quality construction techniques from master craftsman – here to help build the Steger Center vision one structure at a time.

• When: August 2021 – No open to other students
• Where: Steger Center, Ely, MN


MN Conservation Corp Trail Building Course

The MN Conservative Corp brings 20 students to the Steger Center for a unique Trail Building and Maintenance course.

• When: August 2021 – No open to other students
• Where: Steger Center, Ely, MN

  • I’ve always wanted to model myself after someone who values what I value regarding nature and the environment. The quality of Will’s life and way’s he’s chosen to be wealthy in terms of skills and freedom show in his demeanor. He’s a friend to all and I really aspire to be that. – Kyle Huberty, Dunwoody Student

  • The Will Steger Center is awe inspiring. You can try to describe it, but you have to be here to feel it. It is a transformative experience. – Melanie Waite-Altringer – Biology Instructor – Anoka Ramsey Community College

  • Our partnership with the Will Steger Center gets students out of the concrete jungle, helps the environment and allows students to practice their craft. – Louis King – President of Summit Academy