Steger Center Vision

The idea behind the Steger Center came to be during an Antarctica Expedition, manifested in a detailed drawing of a five-story center designed to help people develop skills and cultivate leaders. It would lead to a center that nurtures community, cares for the earth, and inspires leaders to solve real-world problems. With community spaces, master classes, and international leadership conferences – the Steger Center exists to build a sustainable community in the NorthWoods and inspire future generations of leaders.

Steger Center Vision

Expanded Public Viewing After Antarctica - Now Streaming

Follow Will Steger’s extraordinary 1989-90 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition and learn how it impacted his life. Created by Tasha Van Zandt, this award-winning documentary provides an unprecedented, intimate portrait of Will’s life. After Antarctica is now available for streaming on Apple TV, Amazon, and Google.

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Innovation & Leadership Changing Lives by Developing Skills

The Steger Center currently offers summer programming focused on skill building, individual empowerment, and environmental stewardship. By 2025, the 5-story Leadership Center will be ready for leaders to gather as it nears ultimate completion. The Steger Center continually offers a wide range of evolving and new programs, from individual skills training to youth career empowerment and environmental stewardship, the Center cultivates a sense of self-reliance, empowerment, and a love for nature among the people we serve.

Steger Center Programs

The summer construction season has begun.

The Steger Center began taking form in 1998, during a time when Will Steger and his team were training for one of their most daunting expeditions. The first bags of cement and gravel were brought in by dog sled – to lay the foundation for today’s expansive facility. With five stories constructed, the vision for this one-of-a-kind facility is nearly realized.

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Your financial support can help ensure a lasting legacy of exploration, learning, and stewardship. The Steger Center has changed countless lives already. Explore our website to learn more about the build-out of this unique facility in Ely, Minnesota, and to learn about 2023 programming.

  • Wilderness ignites a sense of power and forges tenacious resolve to harness that power for the good of all.

    Will Steger

  • Community working together in the wilderness unleashes new possibilities.

    Will Steger