Master Craft

  • Woodworking – Master woodworkers work in wood accents and unique curved windows
  • Stone Masonry – Teams of master stoneworkers have worked and taught every step of the process
  • Stained Glass – Every window, door and light fixture is designed and built by hand at the center
  • Architecture – From the bathhouse to the Sauna – every building has a story and unique place

Building Skills

The Steger Center has been working with teachers and students of every , age and skill level for decades. Our work with students and teachers at every level sets the Steger Center apart as a community leader. Whether an inner city student looking to learn real construction skills or skilled craftspeople ready to learn from professionals.

Sustainable Materials

Most of the building materials for the Center come from the land or from recycled sources. Wood is harvested and milled each year and recycled wood is carefully cleaned and put back to use for architectural accents. Solar panels power all tools and no construction materials ever go to waste. The Steger Center is completely off the grid – and self-reliance is a core value.

The Steger Center - Construction Gallery