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Community Programs

Each summer, the Steger Center hosts students, teachers and volunteers to assist in all aspects of caring for and improving both the land and its structures, including learning how to nourish soil, grow food, construct stone walls, manage forests, install and maintain renewable energy systems, and many other skills. Interns also provide the basis of the community around which all of the Center’s programming is built.


Will Steger

A formidable voice calling for understanding and the preservation of the Arctic, and the Earth, Will Steger is best known for his legendary polar explorations. He has traveled tens of thousands of miles by kayak and dogsled over 50 years, leading teams on some of the most significant polar expeditions in history.


Ely Minnesota

The Steger Center is located north or Ely in northern Minnesota. The gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), Ely is about as far north as you can get before Canada and offers the lake dotted glacial landscape that for hundreds of miles . An ever shrinking resource, the Steger Center is in the middle of this vast protected area.