Will Steger 2023 Solo Expedition Sneak Preview of Will's Next Epic Adventure

Will is in the final stages of planning for another extraordinary solo expedition to the outermost regions of the Northwest Territories. Complete details will be announced soon, but Will’s solo trek in the spring of 2023 will be an extension of his epic solo expedition in 2022.

At the age of 79, Will continues his unparalleled career as one of the most notable explorers in modern history. This year’s solo trek will be an unsupported journey across areas rarely, if ever, seen by humans. He’ll traverse nearly 600 miles of land and waterways, encountering a wide range of rugged terrain and unique wildlife. Starting at Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, he will start with 240 pounds of gear and provisions. He will float rivers as they break up with the spring thaw as he travels north to a planned ending point in the remote village of Paulatuk. At that point, Will’s solo trek will reach one of the northernmost points of the Northwest Territories. This year’s expedition will once again draw worldwide attention.

Wildlife Encounters Will's up-close encounters with the arctic wild

As with all of his adventures, Will’s 2022 solo trek included up-close experiences with wildlife of all types. Witnessing undisturbed evidence of animals in their natural habitats allows for extraordinary study and understanding of the delicate balance of our delicate ecosystems.

Solo Journey New Approaches - Lessons Learned

Like many of his solo adventures, Will has often trekked across vast wilderness areas with a standard canoe-sled setup to transport his gear and planned rations.  This year, Will’s gear will include a lighter inflatable canoe and rations to get him only part way. He will have to fish and live off the land for latter portions of the expedition.

Will continues to push boundaries and explore regions that remain virtually untouched by mankind. His journey is, in part, devoted to exploration to experience and document parts of the world that remain a mystery to the masses. He is also committed to using these expeditions to draw attention to the climate crisis and fostering innovative thinking to preserve and protect the environment and the planet.

More details on the 2023 expedition will be posted here very soon. You can also join the Steger Center Newsletter to keep up to date on the expedition and other exciting developments at the Steger Center in Ely.