Will Steger

Will Steger is also an educator, author, entrepreneur and eyewitness to the effects of climate change. With his ability to blend extreme exploration and cutting-edge technology, Steger pioneered online education – reaching more than 20 million students via online daily journals and even delivering the first-ever transmission of digital photography from the North Pole.

After Antarctica

After Antarctica is a feature-length documentary that follows polar explorer Will Steger’s life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes in the polar regions of our planet. Now, thirty years after his historic coast-to-coast expedition across the coldest continent on Earth, Steger is not only known for being the first in history to complete this historic feat – he is also the last. Look for this at your local film festival!

The Steger Homestead Kitchen Cookbook

The Steger Homestead Kitchen is a very practical and inspirational book of recipes, memories, and meals from the Stegers’ Northwoods Ely kitchen. I love the sustainable, inspirational, and climate-friendly recipes and menus that were guided by Beth Dooley, an award-winning Minnesota cookbook author. This book is a good and important read.”-Beatrice Ojakangas, James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame author

Will Steger Expeditions

Steger led the first confirmed dogsled journey to the North Pole without re-supply in 1986, the 1,600-mile south-north traverse of Greenland (the longest unsupported dogsled expedition in history) in 1988, and led the first dogsled traverse of Antarctica (the historic seven month, 3,741-mile International Trans-Antarctica Expedition) in 1989–90.

Will Steger Expeditions